1984 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference: Scientific Method in Marketing


1984 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference: Scientific Method in Marketing contains proceeding papers edited by Paul F. Anderson and Michael J. Ryan. The papers deal with metatheoretical issues such as approaches to marketing as science, marketing concepts, models and classification, as well as other issues. The papers review the contemporary marketing science and also question the philosophical underpinnings of the marketing research.


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Pages: 300
Published: 1984
New Copyright: 2012
ISBN: 9781613112830
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Author information

Michael J. Ryan Michael J. Ryan

Michael J. Ryan is Professor Emeritus of Marketing at University of Michigan School of Business. His major interests are in marketing management and theory; strategic marketing planning; industrial marketing; sales management; customer satisfaction; and, linking quality, satisfaction and profitability. Dr. Ryan received his DBA in Marketing from the University of Kentucky. He received his MBA and his BS in Business Administration from Xavier University.

Paul F. Anderson Paul F. Anderson

Paul F. Anderson was Professor of Marketing at Pennsylvania State University. An outstanding scholar, he was particularly committed to strengthening theoretical base of marketing. His 1982 article, “Marketing, Strategic Planning, and the Theory of the Firm,” is the only one to receive both the JM awards for best theoretical paper and best contribution to marketing practice. His pioneering philosophy of science work advanced a relativist approach to marketing science. This challenged the prevailing positivist empiricists approach that underlay most marketing research and initiated a debate that continues in doctoral seminars to this day. He also did advance research on the marketing/finance interface and on organizational buyer behavior. He died on December 23, 1997.


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