New Directions in Research Design


New Directions in Research Design is a collection of papers edited by Dan Ailloni-Charas. This work was presented in the National Conference on Research Design in New York City in 1965. These proceeding papers present a historical perspective of market research, the dawn of research as a profession, research as a subject of academic studies, and new frontiers of market research waiting to be explored.


Book Information

Pages: 56
Published: 1965
New Copyright: 2012
ISBN: 9781613112298

Author information

Dan Ailloni-Charas Dan Ailloni-Charas

Dan Ailloni-Charas is chairman and CEO of Stratmar Systems in Par Chester, New York. Stratmar Systems is an international marketing services firm. He has written and edited several books on marketing, such as New Directions in Research Design.


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